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Q: What's the difference between traditional canvas and Photo Linen Canvas®?

A: Granted our new print technology allows us to print traditional canvas so well that it would make the average printer's jaw drop in amazement but what's the big deal with the Photo Linen line? Simply said, it's the Photo Linen Canvas material that allows us to produce a sharper, brighter image. Traditional canvas fabric absorbs ink. Photo Linen allows the ink to remain on top and hold the image detail.

Q: How long will my canvas last?

A: All of our canvases are printed with eco-friendly, archival pigment-based ink, rated to stay true to color for 50 years.

Q: Do I need to buy the hanging hardware?

A: No. We want to make your experience the best it can be - from purchasing, to printing, to delivery... and even hanging. All of our products come with the hanging hardware. Just find a wall and go.

Q: How do I clean my canvas?

A: The best way to keep your canvas clean is to gently wipe dust away by using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any type of cleaning products or chemical solutions.

Q: Can I hang my artwork in sunlight or over areas of a heat source?

A: Although our canvases are UV coated and printed with eco-friendly, archival pigment-based ink, which are rated to stay true to color for 50 years, they should not be placed in direct sunlight. You should also avoid hanging your canvas near direct flame or a high heat source.

Q: Can hanging my artwork in a bathroom or humid areas affect Canvas Cuts 100% satisfaction guarantee?

A: Our canvas products hold up well in various climates, however high humidity could cause mold or mildew which will damage your artwork. It may also warp the Photo Linen Canvas material or cause the Traditional stretch canvases to sag. Canvas placed in humid areas would void our guarantee.



Q: What type of image can I upload?

A: JPEG is the best format. Nearly every digital camera uses this type of format. That said, we will accept TIFF format too.

Q: How do I know if my image is the best quality for printing?

A: Probably the most challenging part of the online printing world - pixel size vs. file size. A size is a size, right? Unfortunately, no. The higher the pixel numbers are, the bigger the file is, the better the image will be.

To make life easier we provided a chart. Hopefully this covers a device you are using to take a photo. If not, we're pretty sure it will come close:

1200 x 1500 8x10
1500 x 2100 11x14
2400 x 3000 16x20
3000 x 3600 20x24

If you are still unclear, and an image is uploaded that will not produce a good print, our system will alert a Customer Service Representative, and that person will contact you to request a better quality image. However, to prevent any delays with your order, please provide the highest quality file. We want your photo to be the best that it can possibly be.